Sunday, July 1, 2012

weekend wrap up

i'm back!  my weekend break worked wonders.
no more headache, no more nausea, no more stressed out feelings.
i had a weekend filled with laughing babies, good food & my family.
that will cure what ails you.

 mmm, SO good & refreshing - recipe to come!

come on, is that not the cutest little face ever?  i know i'm biased, but really

 little man loves throwing rocks into water.  and i love watchin' him!

my view all weekend.  by far my favorite place on the earth.

indulged in a few adult bevs.  ;)

my parents bought this extra big beanbag, it's all puffed up in this pic and how teeny does little guy look?  such a peanut!

these three babies(and my other nephew not pictured!!) are the loves of my life and they make my heart so full.

check out that hair - such a stud!

oh, and of course we can't forget the amazing sunsets.

hope everyone had a perfect weekend!

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