Monday, July 2, 2012

prepare to be amazed!

you're going to thank me.  
oh man, you're going to thank me.

first you won't believe me.  you'll call me a liar.
but then you'll thank me.

get a bunch of fresh corn

cook it in the microwave 2 ears at a time.  cook it for 4 minutes per ear, so if you're doing 2 it's 8 minutes total.  if you're only cooking 1 then it's 4 minutes total.

take the ears out with an oven mit(they're steamin' hot!) and place it on a cutting board.  cut the closed end a few inches up the entire way through.  you need to make sure you've hit the corn part of the husk.

it'll look like this.

hold the corn by the top uncut side and shake shake shake what your momma gave ya!

out slides your perfectly clean and perfectly cooked ear of corn.

no peeling, no trying to get off all those damn pieces of silk.  just a perfect piece of corn.

you're welcome.

**and keep this method in your mind, b/c tomorrow i'm posting a DELICIOUS fresh corn salad recipe that you don't wanna miss!**


  1. Your mom was telling us about this yesterday! I'm definitely trying it! Thanks for the reminder. You guys are so creative, I'm just glad you pass the info on to us non-creative ones :)

    1. Yes, definitely do. I was so skeptical at first, I thought it couldn't come out clean AND be done perfectly, but it was! Oh, and p.s. Luke blew me away yesterday driving around the vehicles, he's SO good!

  2. Yup, gonna be trying this soon! Thanks for posting! = )

    1. you're welcome! it's a life saver, the only downfall is you can only do 2 ears at a time!

    2. ahhh, court and i were just discussing that. so the max is 2 ears at a time? i could eat 4 myself in just one sitting! :)

    3. it's possible you could do more, but i don't know and didn't try!! i definitely could eat multiple ears at once! :)

  3. Cool! Thanks!
    Also, I nominated you for a blog award.. check it out here:


  4. That is genius! I have many summer night memories of my mom sending me out to the compost pile to shuck corn. If only I knew I could dance and shake until the perfect corn came out without all the hairs!! Thanks for sharing! My kiddo will enjoy this one too.
    (I'm new to your blog and love it!

    1. i know, and i don't HATE shucking corn, but this way is just wayyyy too easy!


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