Friday, June 1, 2012

the good, the bad, the in between.

today was just that.  good, bad, and in between.
i had off and me and max spent the day together.
we started out running errands and playing outside.
then lunch & naptime.
wake up one happy baby.
go for a nature walk.
then we go shopping for josh's outfit for the wedding we're attending tomorrow.
and things slowly go downhill.
max turned into a maniac(in jc penney) and i turned into a meltdown momma.
we picked up sushi, ate dinner, max was still crazy and i was still melting down.
i think i had an anxiety attack.  
today was the best of both worlds for sure.
that little boy melts my heart and makes me melt down in a  matter of moments.
guess that's why i love 'im.

everyone has these days.  the good, the bad, and the in between.
i also think every mom with a two year old has a meltdown occasionally, right?
mine just happened to be today.  but man, does that little guy test me!

happy friday!


  1. Everyone has their good and bad days! Good luck and take some time for yourself!

    1. Time for myself? What's that?! :) After he was in bed I fully enjoyed a glass of wine & regrouped! Thanks!

  2. aw your baby boy is super cute! i have a 15 month old, and he definitely gives me melt downs as well... but you gotta love these boys! they're the sweetest, aren't they!? love this post so much i'm going to be following your blog!

    -Joyce @

    1. they are the sweetest, and thank goodness they're so cute, so they're very easy to forgive :) i'm so happy you're my newest follower, thanks SO much for stopping over! xo!

  3. That is pretty much everyday over here. We had a mall meltdown last week too because I made my daughter sit in a stroller to walk through Macy's so she wouldn't try to take down the million displays that have placed right down the middle on the way out of the store.

    1. god forbid you try to put them in a stroller and not let them walk. it's like child abuse :)

  4. how adorable!!! love your pictures too!

  5. I can't wait to have little one to hang out all day with him/her :)

    1. it's pretty amazing and fun, especially the older he gets the more we can do. i love our days off together :)


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