Wednesday, May 23, 2012

jersey shore.

no, not that jersey shore.
the other one - the one with quiet beaches, quaint towns and lots of family fun.

i'm lucky enough to have in-laws who have a beach house, so we're down there a lot during spring/summer.  we took our first beach trip last weekend and had such a good time.  max had a blast, and everything was so new to him this year, b/c obviously he doesn't remember going last year or the year before that.  it was so fun watching him see everything "for the first time".

in a tree - he's all boy.
@ the zoo
"riding" the zebra

so happy to have his toes in the sand

I love summer.


  1. Just sayin, those purple shorts are awesome, girl! I want a pair!

    1. Thanks, i love 'em! They're Forever21, only $10.50 and they have a bunch of cute colors - they're called "bright woven shorts" in case you go check them out :)

  2. Ok that was too funny "not that jersey shore."
    Looks like you guys had fun!

    1. Ha, well when I was rereading and saw the title I was like ummm, ok, no that kind of jersey shore :) We had a blast, thanks for stopping by!


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