Friday, May 11, 2012

Fashion Friday - My Style Icons

There are a few famous women whose style blows me away. 
 They seem/look so stylish, so effortlessly.

One of these women is Kate Hudson.  Not only do I love her style, but I love her attitude as well.
So down to earth, and so beautiful.
Oh, and what a cute Momma too!

Another well known lady whose closet I'd DIE to raid?  Rachel Zoe.  
Love her.  Love her show too, borderline obsessed.

And last, but certainly not least - Nicole Richie.  
Another beautiful lady in Hollywood whose style wows me.

Anyone notice a common trend with all the gorgeous gals? 
 They have that boho chic thing going on, which I absolutely love. 

Happy Friday!


  1. I love all three of them as well Linds! Effortless style, you've got great taste ;-)

    V x

    1. Thanks, well if you love them then apparently you've got great taste as well :)


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