Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Zoo & a Late Easter Egg post.

Josh and I both had off work Good Friday, which is a rare occurrence.  It was also pretty darn gorgeous out.  So what a better way to spend the day than a trip to the zoo!  Max hasn't been there yet this year, and of course things just keep getting better as he gets older and can react to his new experience.  He loved it!  He loved the animals and kept wanting to go back to them after we'd left an exhibit...  "Momma, go back now".  He's a crazy little boy I'll tell you that much.  

 Then we came home and painted Easter eggs - what fun that was.  He was over it in about ohhhh, 2 eggs.  No I'm kidding, he did "help" me color them all and even decorated two with stickers, but then he was over it.

"I'm over it Mommmmm"

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