Monday, April 16, 2012

Book Review - On The Island

"On the Island" by Tracey Garvis Graves

I loved this book.  LOVED.  From the very beginning I couldn't put it down and it sucked me in.  I read this in 4 days.  It had just the right amount of suspense/drama and a little romance.  It was just all in all very good and such an easy read.  I always imagined being stuck on a desserted island(ever since I was a kid and was obsessed with Swiss Family Robinson.  I still kind of am, I won't lie to you.).  My thoughts/Swiss Family Robinson's portrayal are far from the truth of the matter(not that this book is a true story, but obviously more believable than the fairy tale ways of the Robinson clan).  That is all I will say.  I don't want to give too much away, but I will tell you I was very pleasantly surprised at how good it was and how much I loved it.  Put this on your reading list ASAP.   

Happy Reading Friends!

Next Up:  Mommy May I, by A.K. Alexander

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