Monday, April 9, 2012

Ooey Gooey Berry Butter Cake

I'm not taking a stitch of credit for this amazingly pretty and delicious cake I made.  I got it from Pinterest, but it originates from HERE...  Don't let the recipe intimidate you.  Here is why.  It intimidated me...  Most recipes don't, unless the ingredient list is a bazillion ingredients long, or it involves half a day, or something crazy like that.  This did, and for one reason only - it involves a spring form pan.  Why is that so scary to me?!  I've never used one, never made a cheesecake or anything else that involves a spring form pan.  The weird thing?  I have a spring form pan, that I've never used, stashed in my basement storage room in a box that is still not unpacked from when we moved to this house(ummm, 4 years ago.).  I knew I had this pan, and it's a good thing I did because I didn't start baking until about 8pm, and I wasn't going to go out and buy one at that hour.  So I went to the basement and rooted through a bunch of important boxes junk until I found the dreaded spring form pan.  Digging through my junk was the scariest part about this whole entire cake, let me tell you that.  There were also cobwebs down there too, eek.  Anywho -- DON'T let the recipe scare you, for any reason at all.  It was easy, that is if you know how to use measuring cups and a mixer.  Which I do, phew.  This cake travelled with us to an early Easter dinner on Saturday with my in-laws and it seemed to be a huge hit.  It's oeey gooey, how could it not be a hit? You all know how much I love the ooey gooey stuff.  Here ya have it..............

no scary ingredients here!  had everything on hand with the exception of the fresh berries.
is this the world's biggest blackberry or WHAT?!  the picture doesn't do it justice, it was a monster.  i didn't even put it in the cake, i ate it, i thought it had to taste better than any other blackberry being that big and all.  to my disappointment it didn't.

Two things - I made this the day before it was served, and while it was good, I think it would have been amazing right after it's been baked & sugared.  Second, I would do it without the parchment next time and just serve it with the spring form flat sheet under it, the parchment paper got kinda weird and icky when I cut the cake.  All in all, this was delicious and I'll definitely make it again soon!


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