Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bunny Food

I really wish I was a creative person.  I mean I am, to an extent, but I can't come up with these super cute ideas.  I love people who do, because then I get to steal their creative genius via Pinterest and make it my own.  I will say I typically add my own twist on things, and I hate following a recipe to a T.  With that said, here's another totally adorable Easter gift/treat that I found on Pinterest that I knew I'd have to make.  Max and my niece will LOVE these, I just know it :)  

Instead of M&M's(which is what the original Pin had ) I went with some jelly beans.  The kids will get enough chocolate on Easter from Neena & Pap Pap, I don't think they need more from me!  

Happy EASTER weekend!

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