Monday, February 20, 2012

Who's Feelin' Saucy??

Happy Monday Friends!! 
 I have an extra special post today.  
We have the gorgeous Aunie Sauce here to guest post - 
and let me tell you, she is fab!

HELLO buddies of Lindsay!
Can you believe she has the nerve to be on vacation??
In Florida, none the less. 

Needless to say,
I'm a tad bit jealous.
So I'm here to take over her blog for the day...
I hope you don't mind.

My name is Annelise.
I blog over at Aunie Sauce.


When people ask me to describe my blog, 
I honestly hardly know what to say.
Unlike Lindsay, I'm not crafty.
I don't DIY.
I'm not a mama to any cute little peas.
So, now you may be asking yourself,
what in the haystack do I blog about anyway?

Well... I'll tell you.
I tend to show off lots of photos of my style
(or occasional lack thereof),
I talk about my baby bearded dragon named Dobby,
I write little poems,
and I tend to just talk about the
daily happenings that are all things Aunie.

So... in general,
it's just a saucy little Idahoan's perspective on life.
Now doesn't that just sound enthralling?

If I haven't totally captivated you,
maybe you should just head on over there and check me out.
You'll never know what you may find!



A super special thanks to Aunie for coming by.  Isn't she awesome?  Check out her blog.  As soon as I came across it I was obsessed, she has the best style, and her nails?!  Totally amazing.  She may not be crafty, but she's got style, and not just clothes style!!  Now go check out her blog, she'll be sure to brighten up your day(and make you want to go revamp your wardrobe and get a manicure!!)!

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  1. Such a cute and awkward post. I love it! Following you now!


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