Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten Time!
Linking up with Lena, and I stole her Tuesday Ten idea as well.
Because it's a GOOD one.

10 Thing I would say to a 16 year old ME...

1.  STOP trying to be like everyone else, being cool isn't going to matter once high school ends.
2.  Listen to your parents(yes Mom & Dad, this one's for you!).  They are always right, always. 
3.  STUDY for crying out loud.  Focus more on your education, you'll wish you did.
4.  Do not let guys treat you like shit(excuse me!).  They aren't worth it and you AREN'T in love.
5.  Things aren't always going to be easy, but they will be worth it.  So follow your heart no matter what.
6.  Stop being snobby and stuck up.  You aren't better than ANYONE, and you will regret treating others this way on.
7.  That boy whose party you were at that got busted by the cops?  You'll marry him and have an amazing baby with him.  Crazy huh?!
8.  STOP wearing jeans so low cut, it's not cute or flattering.  
9.  Be closer to your family.  You will be in the end and you will regret wasting all those years ignoring and "hating" them.  They'll end up being your biggest fans & closest friends.
10.  Love yourself.  Don't rely on guys, friends, or anyone else to do that for you.

Ahhh, the memories.   
I do NOT miss being 16 that's for sure.  
If only I could tell myself then what I know now :)


  1. Haha!
    16 seems so long ago!
    Thanks for linking up!!

  2. I love #7. ^_^ Funny how things turn out for the best.

  3. I don't miss it either. I'm with you on almost all of these- espeically #6- I thought I was the most awesome thing ever and that gave me the right to be a brat. It's so stupid when you look back on it.

    1. Yeah, when I think of how I treated people now, I cringe. I've obviously grown up and stopped acting like that bratty teenage girl I once was, but it still sucks to know you were not so nice!

  4. I love this list. So true


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