Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Ten

Today I'm doing a linkup over HERE - it's call Tuesday 10 and basically you make a list of 10 things of your choice.  Today I'm going with my 10 favorite foods.

1.  PIZZA, this is my all time fav, the rest are in no particular order!

2.  Lasagna, preferrably my Mom's recipe

3.  Steak, preferrably one cooked by my Dad

4.  Reuben sandwich

5.  Eggs over easy

6.  Shrimp

7.  Any kind of baked good(think cake, pie, cookies)

8.  French Fries

9.  Pho from Little Miss Saigon

10.  Pipeliner from the 230 Cafe(if you're from the Central PA area go get one!)

What are your favorite foods???

I stopped doing Insanity(actually I stopped last week, 3 days in, pathetic, I know)

I started running again and signed up for a 10K in April(GO me!)

My kitchen table is covered in wires(I will control these wires someday tonight)

I have some new things going on in my kitchen(I'm going to share these fun updates tomorrow!!)

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. You have a super yummy list. My favorite food has to be seafood...lobster, crab, fish, anything minus oysters.


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