Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday 13/The Last Thing I... LINK UP!

Hey loves - Linking up today with Aunie Sauce and The Life of the Wife
for a very special Thursday 13/The Last Thing I(insert word here) post!

The Last 13 Things

Let's get this party started!

1.  Ate - salad and a mini bag of cheez-its

2.  Drank - ice water

3.  Wore - a white & turquoise chevron coverup over a black with white polka dot strapless one piece with my new fedora(LOVE...)
4.  Bought - rolled gauze for my hand.  But since that is SO boring, right before that I bought my parents Sanibel t-shirts!

5.  Texted - 

6.  Did(other than write this post) - ate lunch and put Mr. Maxy down for a nap

7.  Stressed about - my hand, it's seriously SUCH a burden, please don't burn yourself people, it's the worst.thing.ever.!

8.  Listened to - waves crashing and kids yelling

9.  Spent over $100 on - it was a combo of things, my fedora, 3 plastic toy alligators, 2 alligator hand puppets, 3 t shirts, a mini ugly doll, a tank top for myself(I'm trying to break out of my "no color" routine) and new flip flops for Max

10.  Thought About - if I should take a nap or go back to the pool...  or go to the pool and take a nap there?!

11.  Song I listened to -  "Is this love" by Bob Marley

12.  Call I made - to my Grandparent's yesterday to let them know how vacation is

13.  Place I went - the pool

The End.  Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Yay for crashing waves and Bob Marley! Can I trade you for crying babies and the dryer buzzing at me? ;)

    Thanks for linking up cute girl!


    1. Sorry, no trades! I'm actually home now, so it's crying babies & dryers buzzing for me now too. Ohhh, reality :)

  2. What a fun list! Yay for shopping! I hope that your hand starts to feel better! I am sure that is just noooo fun at all! =( Your fedora btw is AMAZING!

    1. Shopping is my downfall! Thanks, it's getting there, and my fedora? Yeah, definitely left it on the plane during our connecting flight :( so sad!


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