Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Pinterest Tutorial, by request!

I've had so many requests about Pinterest.  How does it work?  How do you do it?  I'm going to tell you, and then you're going to thank me.  You're welcome(in advance!)

First you need to sign up, and then you'll be put on a short waiting list.  Once you've been "accepted", you can begin.  First you want to make/rename all of your boards(example: food, home decor, crafts, style, quote, etc..).  Now you can start pinning.  This is the fun part, this is the addictive part.  So enjoy, and get ready to spend some time in front of the computer!  

Not only can you pin from the Pinterest website, but you can pin anything from the web as long as it has a picture.  You need to install the "Pin It" button on your browser in order to pin from the web.  Say you get an email from Food Network with a tasty looking recipe in it, you can just "pin" the recipe's photo into your food board.  See?  It's easy peasy!!  If you pin from the Pinterest website you can just repin someone else's pin onto your own board.  You can also like and comment on pins.  That would be self explanatory, I hope.  :)  

So with all that said -- once you start doing it, you'll understand what this all means.  Pinterest is basically just your virtual pinboard.  When you're reading a magazine how many times to you flip down a corner, promising to come back to that recipe/craft/house project and do it in the future?  I do it all the time, then I throw away the magazine.  This is your solution.  You can pin all those great little things onto your boards, never to be forgotten.  

Happy Pinning!!!

xo, Linds

Oh yeah -- you can find your friends too and follow them.  Wanna follow me?  Find me, Lindsay Yurovich.

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