Thursday, January 26, 2012

Double Trouble!

I've got two big cleanups going on tonight.
One was a simple, one time cleanup.  The second is a cleanup that I find myself doing way too often.

Round One - My first piece of vintage Pyrex

This is probably close to 40ish years of baked on who knows what.  This dish is from my great grandma(she's 91!).  She recently moved and gave it to me.  This isn't technically my first piece of vintage Pyrex.  I have a few small, plain pieces.  This is the first piece of my "collection".  The real deal.  One with bright colors and cool patterns.  

Here she is all cleaned up.

WHAT a beaut!  A little elbow grease & a magic eraser(those things seriously ARE magic)

Round Two - The Kitchen

I have a big problem in the kitchen.  The counters are constantly cluttered & the kitchen is always covered with important things junk.  Half of this is our fault - we put the junk & clutter there.  Half of it is not our fault.  Our kitchen is ridiculously small with practically no storage space.  

 Cell phone, cords, mail/magazines, medicine, pens, gloves, a hat for Max that needs returned, and a bunch of other very random things, none of which belong on the kitchen table.

 Here we have a bunch of clean dishes that need put away and more cords.  Don't ask me why we have so many cords.

And last but not least, snacks that need put away, tea that needs put away, and clean dishes that need put away.  The reason these dishes aren't put away is because they are stored above the fridge and they're a pain to get to their spot.  Okay, enough excuses.  

The end result, all nice & neat.
 Up-cycled an old basket for the table items(because I'm sorry, but some things just have to stay on the table!!).  Spruced it up with a little fabric sash.

My kitchen is typically not this neat, but not as messy at the before pics.  So if i can keep a happy medium, I'm okay with that.  

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