Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dear Diary... Sort of.

If you don't have this book - GET IT.

You have to, it's amazing.  It's simple, it's cool.  
In 5 years you will be so glad that you did. 
 I haven't had it for 5 years, or 1 for that matter, and I'm already so glad I did.  
Here's the gist - it's a diary/journal (a journary?!).  But it's not a blank slate.  
It's a random question every single day of every single year for 5 years.  
So every year when you reach a question you've already answered,
you can see your answer from the year before, and after 5 years the 4 years before.  
I think it will be so interesting to see how my answers will change over time.  
I got mine on Amazon for less than $15, what a steal!!!

I've only been filling out the journal for a month and I love it already.  
Every single morning before Max wakes up I peek at my question.
If it's something I can answer then, I do. 
 If not, I usually take a few minutes to do this at night,
after I've had a chance to reflect on my day.

Here are some sample questions:
What was the last book you read?
What is something that made you worry today?
How do you feel about your body?
________ was inspiring.
What is your biggest dream?
What is your biggest indulgence?

See, it's fun!  
Some questions are simple, light hearted & funny.
Some are serious, deep & really make you think. 

Happy Journaling,

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