Thursday, October 11, 2012

coffee talk

i saw a fun link up on my blogging buddy sarah's post today.
and it's about food, so of course i'm interested.
and i have nothing better to talk about today.
so there.
link up is over here at natalie blair.
she's sorta awesome too.
Natalie Blair
pancakes of waffles?
waffles - especially the ones i've been eating lately.  i made a huge batch of brown rice flour belgium waffles, split them into fours and froze them.  now i reheat them in the toaster and smear them with almond butter and pumpkin butter - YUM.
what is your go to meal?
breakfast - omelettes, eggs, bacon, sausage, toast.  you get it.
what is your "must have" snack while watching a movie/TV show?
i don't typically snack after dinner, and we don't keep a ton of snacks in the house b/c i would eat them all, in one sitting.  but, i love chips or cookies w/ milk.  salty & sweet, best combo.
what is your guilt food(the kind when you are sad, lonely, etc..)?
same as above pretty much.  chips, any sort of baked good, peanut butter straight from the jar and some chocolate.  but again, this is a reason why we don't keep treats and snacks in the house, b/c when i'm stressed i will turn to the pb jar like there's no tomorrow.
what kind of food do you eat that is so disgusting to others and you are embarassed to tell?  come on, fess up!
i am queen of weird combos.  i will eat some massively weird combos of foods, and i find them delicious.  but nothing that i'm embarassed to tell of course, because i swear if you would try them you'd love them to.  sweet potato w/ salsa & plain greek yogurt - pears w/ pb and pears w/ cheese - and the mother of all weirdness, and probably the most delicious (Ali, if you're reading, this one's for you & pap) -- it's a combo that my childhood bff's pap used to make for us, and i still make it for myself on occasion b/c,  1) takes me back, 2) it's delicious and comforting -- egg sandwich on an english muffin with american cheese and peanut butter.  yes, you heard right, yes i know it sounds weird & disgusting, but please, please, please, trust me on this one.
happy almost friday!


  1. Thanks for linking up with me :)

    I like breakfast food at anytime of the day as well! Especially if it's biscuits and sausage gravy! yummmmmmmmm!!!

    1. YUM, biscuits and gravy sounds sooo yummy right now!

  2. Wow! So far, you win the QUEEN of Weird Combos award!!
    Breakfast is da bomb! It's the best go to, it's super easy and it's generally healthy! Yum!

    1. i know, i know. i really do eat some of the weirdest combos ever, but i promise you the "famous amous" (see below) is SO tasty. yepp, love breakfast, so easy & delish!

  3. oh wow Linds... I didnt know you still ate those too! He called them a Famous Amous! I still make them to this day... its is by far my most favorite egg sandwich. :) People always say gross, but then get hooked when trying it!

    1. sure do, and it's still just as delicious as i remember, although i think his were probably the best ever. grandparents seem to have the touch when making their food!

  4. Those waffles sound amazing, and now you have me curious about that pumpkin butter.

    1. they're really really yummy, i've never cooked with brown rice flour, so i was a little leary, but i love them!! recipe here:

      and the pumpkin butter? knocks my socks off.. recipe here:


  5. Now I am totally craving an omelette!
    That is definately a great choice! :D


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