Sunday, September 9, 2012

weekend wrap up

it's sunday evening again.  insert sad face here.  i'm not ready for the weekend to be over quite yet!
we had a slumber party in mommy's bed friday night.  played with little friends.  drank some wine.
today went to "the city"(harrisburg) so max could see all of the big buildings.  we saw a bum eating chips.
we walked by and max says "what he doing, what he eating".  umm, chips, now keep walking.
we relaxed the rest of the day, did some finger painting outside.  the most eventful part of today?
probably when i walked into max's room to tell him to GET TO SLEEP and found him playing with his own poop.  yes poop.  smeared on the floors, puzzle, rocking chair.  hands covered, under his nails.  UMMM, yuck.  it was seriously a nightmare.  then he never did nap.  was a rude, crazy, and dare i say bratty little boy.  helloooooooo terrible twos. 

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