Thursday, September 20, 2012

this week's round up

things i love thursday, yes it's that time again.
which means it's soon friday for all you suckers out there.
yesterday was my friday - as you read this i'm en route to the beach.
last time for this year, it's bitter sweet.  love the beach, but i'm definitely ready for fall stuff and actually spending weekends in the comfort of my own home.
here's the round up this week...
i can't get over how good this stuff is.  i really can't.  and the more things i eat it on, the more impressed i become.  i just ate it on a square of TJ's dark chocolate and my mind was nearly blown.
forever 21 stretch skinnies in gray.  these jeans were only $10.80 - yes, you read that right.  and they're comfy.  AND they fit great, slightly stretchy but still keep a nice denim form.  and honestly, any jeans for $10.80 deserve to make the list just for that. (they actually have a bunch of jeans for super cheap - go see..)
book is hilarious.  period.
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these freakin' ecards not only crack me up, but they're addicting as hell.  i can't. stop. pinning. them.
horrible picture, i realize that.  swan creek candle co.  vanilla cotton - amazing.  it's sweet, yet fresh.  perfect combo.  leaves my house smelling clean & cozy. 

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  1. I need that cookie butter. Sucks that the nearest Trader Joes is like an hour and a half a way!!! Oh, and that candle sounds AWESOME!!!


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