Friday, September 14, 2012

fashion friday - jewelry finds

my sister had a stella dot trunk show this week.
if you've never heard of them (you're from another planet!) go check them out.
they have some amazing pieces.  yes it's pricier than the other cheap jewelry from parties.
sorry, that stuff is cheap, and looks cheap too.
this stuff is quality merchandise people.  and trust me, i'm not being paid to say it.
oh, and it's super stylish and cute and totally up with the trends.
celebs love it too, and i'm a total celeb stalker, so i know.
i got some awesome pieces of jewelry...
stella got

the rebel pendant is SO me, and i fell madly in love with it the second i saw it.  the sidewinder studs?  i've been wanting those forev and finally got them.  then we have the pyramid studs - edgy yet feminine, my perfect combo.  above them we have the luna wrap.  i knew nothing of this until the show and the second i put it on i knew i had to own this.  best part about it?  it can be worn as a bracelet or necklace - score!  the leaf ring at the top my mom actually bought for me for christmas, so sadly i'll be counting down the days until i can wear that beauty!
stella want
stella want by lyuro57 featuring stella & dot
these pieces i don't own...  yet.  but they're on my list.  the offset sidewinder necklace is gorgeous, i love the fact that it is in fact offset, and rose gold is just so darn pretty.  the renegade necklace in the center looks SO great on, that's another thing i've been eyeing for a long time now, so that's definitely going to be mine very soon.  then we come to the renegade long layering necklace, which i plan to get and wear with the renegade necklace in the center.  they look even cooler together.  the stacking rings are classic, and i can wear those every single day.  the turquoise earrings, well they're just pretty, period.  i only wear studs, so i love when i can find a a great pair like these.
happy {FASHION} friday!


  1. I love all the stud earrings, so pretty!


    1. i'm a little obsessed with stud earrings. my hair has been short(currently growing it out) and i've worn nothing but studs for the longest. needless to say i fell in love hard, studs are now my new bff! :)


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