Saturday, September 29, 2012

brain mush.

hi weekenders!  i thought i'd indulge in post for you all today, then realized my brain is just about mush right now.  we're getting rid of cable (gasp!), and we're trying to figure out everything.  and by we, i mean me.  josh isn't so great at calling places, customer service reps, etc..  so let's just say my brain isn't what it was a day ago.  too much thinkin' does that.  so today's post will be fun and think-free. 
oh, and i got the idea from this lovely lady
..ten secrets..
..that you probably don't care to know..
1.  i love uggs - i used to think they were the ugliest things on earth.  i swore i'd never be caught dead sporting them.  one day i broke and got some fuggs(fake uggs), then started liking the look of them.  then i broke down ever more and ponied up the money for the real ones - oh, em, gee.  i honestly can't live without them(materialistic much?  yes..).  when the slightest bit of cold weather hits i break them out and they don't go away for months.  i wear them every single day at some point in the day and i don't care how sloppy/bad/unstylish i look.  i'm head over heels in love, especially with my ugg minis. 

2.  i never wear makeup.  well, not never, but very rarely.  if i'm going out with friends or to a special occasion, obviously then i'll wear some makeup(blush, mascara, maybe eye shadow), but that's it.  i think everyone looks better natural.  i hate nothing more than when people look totally different with/without makeup.  so unnattractive.

3.  i'm awful at answering phone calls.  i will be the first to admit it too, i don't even try to hide or deny it anymore.  if someone calls i rarely answer their call.  unless it's one of the few people whose calls i answer (family), i don't answer.  i'll text ya back though in a few seconds, don't worry ;)  it's rude, and horrible, i know, but i just hate phones.

4.  i wish everyone was a hippie and wanted peace, joy, happiness and flowers around their head.  no lie, this is my number one wish in the world, i'd be sooo so happy.  oh, and i'd love a vw bus to go w/ it all!

5.  i'm a borderline hoarder.  i know some people have legit, serious hoarding problems, and okay i'm not one of them.  but i swear if i lived alone i might be.  i hate throwing things away, especially clothes, shoes, purses, kitchen stuff, linens, toiletries, anything given as a gift, memorabilia, etc..  okay, that list does make me sound like a hoarder.  and even funnier, i still have some clothes/shoes from HIGH SCHOOL and i still wear them.  just for the record i graduated 10 yrs ago.

6.  i'm addicted to my iphone.  but i don't feel bad about it because lots of other people are too.  but the thought of not having it with me at all times makes me have anxiety.  remember when i said i hate answering the phone?  the fact that i'm incapable of not having my phone with me is a bit ironic.  don't ya think?

7.  i used to be an early bird and loved nothing more than waking up early to start the day.  now, i seriously could sleep until 10am everyday.  i don't, i still get up early, just not willingly.

8.  i hate sports.  always have, always will (probably).  i played every sport imaginable and didn't like a one.  i don't even like watching sports.  sure, i'll watch college football with the hubs, it's fun, and i get why other people are obsessed, i'm just not one of them!

9.  i have the biggest "other people eating" pet peeve in the world.  i literally cannot stand anyone eating around me.  obviously i am around people eating ALL the time, but inside i'm slowly being driven insane.  every bite taken, every noise made, every chomp, and every crunch is driving me more and more crazy.  so if you're reading this, and know that you've eaten around me/will be eating around me.  yes you've driven me crazy/yes you will drive me crazy.  but on the plus side, don't worry, you're not alone, literally EVERY single person except max annoys me.  it's not just you, actually it's me.  i'm a weird one i tell ya.

10.  i'm all outta juice, happy saturday!


  1. When I read your comment about other people eating around you driving you crazy I started laughing because I am the same way. I also hate sports. I just don't see the point of them if I am not the one in the game or if I don't know someone in a game. It is pointless. Unless a family member becomes an athlete than I might consider some interest into that certain sport but as of now I will opt out of that.

    1. Glad i'm not the only person with a weird eating peeve! Yeah i'm only into sports if someone i know is in it or something to do w/ it. And i never play, never. Ha.

  2. I can find myself in these secrets! I used to hate uggs too until I bought some! I'm also awful at answering phonecalls, I absolutely hate it!

    xoxo Grace

    1. Glad you can find some similarities, makes me feel less weird :)

  3. I dont answer phone calls either. My hubby is always saying "aren't you going to answer that?" And my response is "if it's important, they will leave a message and I can txt them back" you are not the only one ;)

  4. I love my uggs too! I always get cold, so I bring them everywhere! Mine have seen better days though, I think it's time for a new pair.
    I just found you through your truly's blog. I'm a new follower!
    -Ameryn Marie

    1. I've been getting a new pair every christmas from my mom for the past few years, and this year will be no different. I need a black pair! :) Thanks for following, xo!


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