Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the bday day.

well i pretty much spent my birthday the way i told you i would.
worked, target shopping spree on my lunch break (got lots of cute fall stuff!), had a takeout feast with my fam, then folded laundry the rest of the night.  some fun (shopping, wings) and some not so fun (laundry, boooo).  but i guess as you get older, your birthday festivities start to take a back seat to "real life" stuff.  and i'm okay with that!
little man loves his freeze pops.

my dinner choice for this year's birthday was wings over fries.  but since i was a total piggy and devoured mine, here's a picture of the gorgeous wings.  mild, garlic, parmesan, old bay.  now imagine that delectable sauce drowing a pile of fries.  SO good.  total splurge, totally birthday worthy.

my mom truly knows the way to my heart - baked goods.

birthday girl and baby boo.  before bed, i was rocking him and he said happy birthday momma, i yuv you.  and that made my birthday day complete.

here's to being 28!


  1. Happy Birthday!
    At some point real life takes the stage and dreamy birthday celebrations take a backseat, but it seems like you still had a pretty awesome birthday! Fall shopping spree! Yes, please! Wings, baked goods and little one's happy birthday wishes are icing on the cake! Happy Birthday Lady!! Have a wonderful year! Rock out your 20's!

    1. Definitely. It's funny, I used to need huge plans, things to do. Now Target, takeout and my fam seem to be the perfect plan for me :)


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