Tuesday, August 7, 2012

if you really knew me

i was going to do the tuesday 10 linkup - but this week was "author's choice" and honestly i'm not feeling that creative and zippy today.
so instead i'm doing a "if you really knew me" post, courtesy of this lovely lady.
SO, let's get started!
if you knew me...
you'd know that i am absolutely and utterly obsessed with baked goods - any kind.  cookies, cakes, pies, brownies, anything.  i will never deny myself this amazingly delicious goodness either.  ever.
you'd know that i love being barefoot or wearing flip flops.  if i could i'd wear them all year long i would.  and i definitely prefer to be nude in the foot dept.  me and max share this love, we run around in barefeet all the time.  i kinda love that he loves it too.
you'd know that i am the biggest worry wart ever.  if i have nothing to worry about, i'll worry that there's something i should be worrying about.  it's that bad, people.  i can't help it, i try to live a mellow life (which i do!), and i try to not let little things bother me and worry, but let's face it.  i'm 27 and have had this problem my whole adult life, i think it's here to stay.  oh, and having kids doesn't help this whole "worrying" thing either.
you'd know that i love tattoos.  i have 14 (i think, i kinda lost track..), and i can't stop.  i think they're beautiful, artistic, and so me
you'd know that i hate driving.  i have a 10 minute commute (if you even want to call it that) to work.  well technically it's 10 to max's daycare, then 10 back to work.  i say back to work because i work about a half mile from my office, so i go from home/work to daycare, then back, then do it all again at the end of the day.  i digress...  i hate driving, it seems like such a waste of time, i avoid it at all costs and try not to go anywhere more than a 15 minute drive away, unless of course we're going to the beach.
you'd know that i honestly believe max is the cutest little guy in the world.  i mean honestly, look at those blonde locks.  his big blue eyes?  melt. my. heart.
you'd know that summer used to be my favorite season, but it's slowly falling into a close second.  i cannot wait for fall.  college football, hoodies, boots, apples, crisp air, i'm craving it all.  i do love summer, but apparently the heat and crazy busy everything is proving a little too much for me these days.
you'd know that i love soup, pizza & pasta.  probably my three favorite foods of all time.  another reason i can't wait for fall - SOUP!  lol, yes my life revolves around food.
you'd know that i'm probably the worlds biggest wishy washer.  one day i'll love running, the next day i hate it.  one day i'm all about clean eating, the next day i'm downing a twinkie.  one day i am all about exercise, next thing ya know two months passed without a single tricep dip.  one day i'm saving for our future, the next i'm all about "living in the moment" and let's go do do do!
you'd know that i feel like we're the luckiest people on earth, especially max.  he has grandparents that have a beach house, and grandparents who have a river cabin.  it really is the best of both worlds, and i wish all kids could be that lucky.
you'd know that i feel like we're the luckiest people on earth.  not because we have a river cabin and beach house to go to.  but because we have the most amazing little family.  and the most amazing big family.  and the greatest friends.  we're lucky, we're blessed.


  1. What a fun post! I am also excited for fall - football and a big pot of chili on a brisk Sunday afternoon is my favorite! And I would agree that your little man is the cutest kid in the world :)

    1. Ahhhh, chili & football, perfection! Thanks, he's such a ham :)

  2. Worry-warting is the Hartman part of you. We all worry, we all obsess (in what we love as well as worrying).

    1. i have a lot of hartman traits thanks to my dad & pop pop (i'm going to be just like them when i get older!)

  3. What a cute little stinker! I'm a new follower from the return the favor blog hop. cute blog!

    1. thanks for stopping by! i just got done visiting your blog, love it! xo!


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