Saturday, July 7, 2012

a day in the life (clean eating style)

here's how the clean eating lifestyle goes...
in my life.  for me.  
not everyday, but this is today (well, by the time you read it, yesterday..)
make sense?  ok good, let's get started!

stonyfield organic french vanilla yogurt with kashi go lean & fresh raspberries

my morning cocktail (besides coffee...) is organic ACV with about 8 oz water

ryvita sesame rye crispbread with garlic artichoke hummus

lunch was leftovers - grilled red potatoes w/ a little evoo & some spices, sauteed spinach and grilled tomatoes w/ some cabot seriously sharp cheese on top.  these tomatoes are AMAZINGLY delicious, try them.  it's just a large tomato cut into think slices, topped with s & p, garlic powder and cheese.  put on oiled foil and pop them on the grill for about 10 minutes or so.

not pictured is some fresh, cubed cantaloupe...

dinner was a takeout salad - greens, grilled portobellas, chicken, fresh mozzarella & breadsticks.  i only ate one breadstick and tossed mine with some garlic evoo & balsamic vinegar

and some pinot gris for dessert :)

see, not so bad!  it's pretty much what i would have normally had on any given day.  i guess because i'm not obsessing over stuff.  i refuse to give up my morning coffee with sugar, and i won't give up chocolate or frank's red hot.  my wine is here to stay and if i want the (surely) processed breadstick from the pizza shop, then i'm having it.  everything in moderation is my motto when it comes to eating, whether you're eating "clean" or not, moderation is key.

happy weekend friends!!!


  1. Good job! Wine is essential to my life too! And cider, I really dig some hard cider.
    Have you tried making shakes? I mix strawberries, almonds, greek yogurt, ice and spinach in a blender! Yum!

    1. yeah, my wine is here to stay, that's for sure! :) i haven't had hard cider before actually, what i drink is actually apple cider vineger(with the mother in it). but hard cider sounds amazing!! mmm your shake sounds delicious, i have to try that ASAP!


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