Tuesday, June 26, 2012

pinterest dump.

a few things i've pinned lately in my quotes, thoughts & things i love board.

for your viewing pleasure - enjoyyyyyy!

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yeah, i love people with these cars who think that they're featured in the fast & furious - you're not, so slow down before you kill myself & my kid.  thanks.
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you don't watch sons of anarchy?  this is why you should.  jax teller is the man.
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i love this - the words & pictures make me smile.
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yeah, a lot of parents missed the memo on this.  i'd rather give max memories than any materialistic thing.  that's what i remember from my childhood - not my toys, my memories!
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everytime josh says something like "you're crazy" or "you're impatient" - well he knew all of that before we got married, so who's the crazy one now?! :)

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i actually LOL'd at this one...

happy tuesday!

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