Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday 10 & an FYI

Linkin' up with the beautiful Lena today, and her accessories are amazing, I want them all!!


I love accessories, but if I'm being honest, I don't wear them much.  I have tons of necklaces, bracelets & all kinds of other accessories, and they just hang/sit there staring me down.  I have to say though, I type all day, so bracelets and rings just aren't practical for work anyway.  I vow to start wearing them more though!  I don't own ANY of these on my list, but I want to own them all.

accessory wants

accessory wants by lyuro57 featuring ray ban shades

not obvious or anything - but I'm really into the whole tribal thing going on right now!

SO here's my FYI portion of this post - I'm in a bit of a blogger funk.  I love my blog, I love my outlet, but I guess I'm still trying to find "me" in the whole thing.  I didn't start my blog to make it a job, or to have a million followers.  I did it to post my favorite foods, my daily happenings(especially with Max) and all other things I love.  I've let myself get really wrapped up in having a post every single day and letting it consume my spare time.  Whether it be to cook, take pictures just for the blog's sake, or rack my brain for inspiration.  I want it to be natural, real, and totally in the moment & unforced.  So with that said, I won't be blogging everday.  Sometimes it might be everyday, but if I don't post for a few days or even a week, I'm not gone, I'm just living life.  And when I come back, I'll have more amazing things to write about, and less of the "posting just to post" things. 


  1. Thanks for linking up today. I love the Ray-bans also. I wanted to say...I know what you mean about being in a blog funk at times. I pray that whatever direction you go in, you will be blessed.

    1. I've always wanted Ray Bans, and I'm hoping this year is the year I finally get a pair! Thank you so much for the words of encouragement, I appreciate it!

  2. I totally hey where you're coming from! I'm not going anywhere, and look forward to your posts... whenever you decide to post them!
    thanks for linking up! <3

    1. Thanks so much Lena, that's means a lot!


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