Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday 13

It's Thursday again.  So close to the weekend, yet so far away! 
I'm linking up with Miss Aunie over HERE.  I really love her Thursday 13 lists, this week in particular, because everyone needs to give themselves some lovin' every now & then.

Thirteen Things I Love About Myself:

1.  My sense of humor - it's wacky & crazy, but it's one of my best assets

2.  My sensitive personality - not always a good thing(I'm the one crying in the corner, j/k!), but I think being sensitive makes me more aware of how others feel

3.  My can'tsitstill-ness - I'm constantly doing something, I can't sit still.  I think it's a good thing, I'm always doing something and doing is a good thing

4.  My imagination - I'm such a dreamer

5.  My sense of style - not because there is anything special about it, but because it took me 27 years to follow MY heart and wear what I want, cut my hair short, and not care if my shoes are in style

6.  My hands - they're small, but my fingers are long and slender and I love my nails

7.  My eyelashes - they're long, dark & full. thankfully my son inherited these!

8.  My Momma skills - they aren't perfect(or anywhere near it for that matter), but my son is happy and loves me, so I have to be doing something right.

9.  My ability to change - I definitely have had some dark days in the past, and I can say that I have changed my life totally around and I think now I have a pretty darn good life thanks to that.

10.  My creativity - I love creating, whether it's a recipe, craft, or activity.  everyone should let their imagination and creativity fly.
Thanks to AUNIE SAUCE, she kindly pointed out that I only have 10.  Well since it's THURSDAY THIRTEEN I guess I have a few more to go - ooooops! :)

11.  My legs - they're short, but they're strong.

12.  My cooking skills - I inherited this from my Dad, and I(and Josh & Max) are forever grateful.  Thanks Dad!

13.  My forgiveness - I might not forget(ever..), but I will always forgive.  It's just in my heart I guess.

What do you love about YOU?

**I'm a guest over at Through the Eyes of the Mrs. today -
go check it out, and check out her awesome blog while you're there!!**

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  1. I'm a dreamer, too!!!

    Oh and pS, there are only 10 things... I KNOW you love yourself to fill up 13 :)


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