Sunday, January 15, 2012

The winter wreath debacle!

Okay, okay, I know a winter wreath shouldn't be a debacle.  But I swear, it was.  Actually I'm not even positive what the true definition of debacle is, but it seemed like the right word.  So we're mid January and I still had my Christmas wreath up, gasp!  I'm usually very prompt in changing my wreaths.  Partly because I make a new one everytime, partly because my Christmas wreaths are usually "live" and therefore dying and sprinkling pine needles all over my floor if I wait this long.  So, after browsing Pinterest for way too long, I decided on a wreath that I pinned months ago.  So I trek into the backyard.  Trek isn't accurate, our yard isn't that big, but it's FREEZING outside, and windy.  So I trek outside, totally under dressed, on my journey to gather sticks. I assumed that gathering sticks would take, oh, 30 seconds of my time.  I was wrong.  I found about two in the yard, which obviously was not enough.  So out into the field I go to continue my search.  If I wasn't such a perfectionist this could have taken half the time.  But one stick was too curved, the next too gnarled.  So 15 minutes later I'm finally back in the warmth of my kitchen with my sticks in tow.  I heated up my glass of green tea and got to work!  For this particular wreath no wreath form was needed, which was part of the reason I chose it because I didn't want to go outside.  Obviously that rationalization didn't matter considering I spent a good 20 minutes outside hunting down the perfect stick.  So I started with a donut shaped piece of cardboard, which I wrapped in some scrap material I dug up.  Like in the original blog post you could wrap in twine.  I used what I had on hand.  I started with the four points, hot gluing my sticks into place.  After that I just broke my sticks and filled in where needed.

Now, my wreath doesn't look quite as perfect as post that inspired it...

But I guess I'm not into the "perfect" look anyway.  I would also like to state that the picture is horribIe.  Too much flash, but it was dark out so I had no other choice.  It looks much better in person.  I love the earthiness of it, and it's simple and plain which seems to be my style as of late!!

Daylight does a LOT(updated pic!!)


Happy Wreathing!

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