Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Great Mullet Debate

Let me start by saying, this wasn't technically Max's first haircut.  In the middle of the summer heat, I broke down.  Everything sticky you can possibly imagine was getting stuck in those blonde locks.  Sweat, dirt, freeze pops, you name it, it was in there.  So in a heat induced frenzy I got the clippers and buzzed it all off.  Then I shed a few tears, gathered up the delicate little curls of hair and secured them in a Ziploc bag.  I then immediately put them in our fire proof box that we keep our important documents.  These are classified as important.  More important to me than any deed, birth certificate, or social security card.  So after that I refused to cut it again.  "What was I thinking?", I said to myself over and over again.  I regretted that decision for months.  But then those little blonde curls started growing back and I pushed the thought out of my mind.  So time went by and not a word was said about his growing hair.  Of course I noticed the mullet that was developing.  But I loved that mullet.  Did I just say I loved a mullet?  Say it ain't so!  But oh, I did.  

(the mullet)

Finally after some persuasion, Josh convinced me that it was time.  I knew the day would come, so I broke down and decided it was time for a "real" haircut, a big boy haircut.  A haircut that took place somewhere other than our back yard.  Today was the day.  We sat in the chair, Max watching cartoons & eating milk duds (bribery, so horrible, I know..).  I sat there, staring at every single piece of hair that got cut off and fell onto my shirt (gasp).  Finally, it was over, and my little boy had big boy hair.  No more curls, no more mullet.  Just one happy little boy, one happy Daddy, and one bittersweet Momma.

 Max blogging about his new 'do...
...and just some proof that the mullet really is gone!

For now,


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